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Guest Strip

Instead of posting Monday and Friday this week, we're going to post both pages on Friday. To hold you over until then, here is a somewhat insulting guest strip done for us by Spoon Borella! This is our first guest strip, and a huge thanks to Spoon for hooking us up!

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Yeah, Ryan is one of those unfortunate souls who has met us in real life.


Stuff has hit us pretty hard unexpectedly. I'm not sure when the new page will be up, but it'll be worth the wait.

From Bad to Worse

Over the weekend, things went to Hell. Between mandatory overtimes, and weekend-long hospital visits, and no real sign of improvement for the week, it would seem that the next page won't be up for a little while longer yet. Sorry for the delay.

The Ugly

We aren’t going to continue book 3. Look for a re-launch soon. (It’ll be worth the wait)

A Friend In Need

Not that sure of how much traffic still comes here(being that ATYD is on an indefinite hiatus.) but I wanted to call attention to a friend in need. Spoon who does the webcomics DedEnd and Stripers had his house burn down on 12/23. He and his girlfriend made it out safely but lost their pets and most of their possessions. There's a donation button set up at and so if can please donate. Spoon's a great guy and I count him as a friend so please help if you can. Thanks

The Past, The Present, and The Future

Read This First

Let me start off by saying that …And Then You Die certainly isn’t dead, and you will be able to enjoy new episodes soon enough.

Our origin story has been told a few times, but it’s a bit too complicated and boring for any of those tellings to be regarded as accurate. Regardless, there are a few things you should probably know. Originally, it was I who wanted to make a webcomic. I was already a fan of the genre, having read Penny Arcade from day one (at the time I was in the middle of begging loonyboi Bergman to let me write a column for the site). As I watched them soar to insane heights, and their Loony Games brethren User Friendly become an actual business (even going public!) and even indistinguishable from the syndicated comics, I saw the webcomics weren’t a fad, nor a fantasy. They were real, and most important: people liked them.

I knew right away I didn’t want a strip. Too often strips are filled with filler, and burdened by copy and paste art jobs (I love both of those comics, by the way). I wanted something different… something awesome.

I was also working through a 19 credit semester (they charged me extra!!), with an 18 credit semester looming before me, so I knew I couldn’t do the heavy writing. I also knew I couldn’t do the art, though no amount of free time would have helped that. So I assembled my team.

Fox and I have a checkered and colorful history, littered with the smoking husks of awesome projects that never were. He was going to school as an English major, so it wasn’t absurd of me to tap him to be my writer. He was also busy, and the only member of “the team” who didn’t live in the same apartment as the other three. He left the project shortly after it got under way, unfortunately.

Leesa was (well, is) my fiancé, and a Graphic Design major (and now graduate, congratulations sweetie!), and like me her duties were a hodgepodge of things that were actually drawing the pencil onto the paper (she tended to be the one to shade things, and was the only one to color). Most importantly, she made sure to screen my ideas and make sure none of the stupid ones made it into the book (and there were some stupid ones).

I’m not going to get into Mikh now, as he is a bit more visible on the site anyway, and doesn’t really need an explanation.

Things had been going well, with us never missing an update, and extremely rarely letting a comic go up too long after the early morning. We printed up some paper copies of our first book. We went to the ConnectiCon, which was a blast. We sold almost half of our stock of books, which was great in comparison to a lot of the other people there.

All along, however, we were having issues. There was a void left by Fox’s departure that we didn’t properly fill, and we had no long term plans for the story. We had burned through all of our real story ideas (Leesa still has pages and pages of awesome gag ideas), and we were putting out pages with scripts barely strung together. We felt the second half of book 3 was going to be barely passable, at best (it’d be funny, just kind of pointless), and book 4 and beyond were essentially missing. Putting out a comic is tough, but putting out one that you aren’t really happy with is a lot tougher.

Then, a series of events unfolded that would have a profound effect on the future of the comic, though they didn’t seem it at the time. I had a new job, Mikh had a new job, and Leesa was in her last semester of college. Mikh’s job jerked him around with “you don’t have to work this weekend” turning into “you have to work crazy overtime all weekend.” Of course, that weekend was an ATYD weekend, severely breaking our never-missed-an-update streak. The very same week, Leesa was admitted to the hospital (and didn’t come home for a month). Of course, when your fiancé is at the hospital, it’s kind of tough to justify staying home to work on the comic. Add to the fact that we weren’t really seeing an increase in traffic or feedback since the early days of the comic, and things just kind of fell apart.

So, where does that leave us? Well, the site still gets the same traffic it had been getting at its peak, which is both insane and bizarre. Mikh’s been using this time to progress his art, and to be honest you are going to be very impressed very soon. You see, we’re coming back. And when I say we’re coming back, I mean in force. Mikh is working on his own comic, which I expect will be available for your eyes in a matter of weeks, and ATYD is coming back under a more direct direction from me shortly after. But neither comic is launching until all of the issues of the past have been corrected and prevented from happening again in the future. I don’t want to give anything else away regarding Mikh’s project, since its his baby.

…And Then You Die, however, I’ll give you a teaser or two. For one, Mikh is drawing it, and in his upgraded style. For two, it’s not going to pick up where the old one left off. Three, it’s not going to be the G-rated goof-fest the old one was (though I hope it will be still be as goofy and funny). It will be a tad darker, it will be a tad more adult, it will be a lot better written, it will be at least as funny, it will be more punctual, it will keep many of the elements and characters from the old one (but discard wherever I feel like it as well), and most of all: it will be BETTER!

I’m working on the website right now, and it’s looking great. After the website is done, then the final script will get done, and you should see more ATYD this summer. I hope you look forward to it, because I am.

Oh, and our forums seemed to have been hacked by terrorists, so I took them down.

Geek Culture

Mikh's project is up at


While this hardly qualifies as a blog, I thought I would mention that this Saturday (June 3rd), I Larrik, am getting married to Leesa. We're both very excited about it.

And yes, the wedding IS putting a small delay in the re-launch, but you will all just have to deal with it.

-Larrik Jaerico

Fan art for me

Over the weekend of our wedding, I got some fanart in my email box from a fellow webcomic maker. It's from Rachael Peabody, who has the comics Go Fish and PET.

A big thanks to Rachael for this wonderful gift!

New Forums!

It has been a little while, but I've finally put up new forums. The old ones are gone, so if you registered, you'll have to do so again (...all two of you). This one is up-to-date, so it should be more resistant to hacking. Like before, you don't need to register to post, at least until I'm inundated with spam and I change the setting in a fit of frustration.


I took the forums down. I'm quite done being the host of fake links and spam.
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